Friday, September 12, 2008

Studio Services

The Paper Conservation Studio provides the following services:
  • Conservation
    This service focuses on individual objects such as prints, maps, watercolours and documents sent for conservation treatment. The service includes an assessment of the object which results in a condition report, treatment proposal and quote. The object can then be treated and recommendations given on future storage and display.
  • Surveys
    A survey of your collection can be carried out which assesses the condition of the collection, assesses storage and display areas and environmental monitoring. Advice can then be given on such things as relative humidity, temperature, light, pest control, storage methods, display methods and any conservation treatment that might need to be considered for individual objects.
  • Consulting
    The Paper Conservation Studio is happy to consult on any conservation issue. Advice can be provided on framing, display, storage and art and conservation materials.
  • Education
    Claire delivers informative talks/lectures on paper conservation, the history of paper making (Eastern and Western), artists’ materials and art preservation.